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What is a Doula?

A doula is a person that provides practical, emotional, and informative support to the birthing person and the family. They can be there during the prenatal period, during birth and postnatally.

A doula advocates for the birthing person and can communicate the wishes of the birthing partner to the medical care providers

A doula believes that everyone deserves the right to a dignified birth, and that everyone has the information and support they need to facilitate the birth they want.

About me

I’m Holly (she/her), Mum of 2 boys and a cat, living in Bristol. I'm a mentored doula and founder of the rebel birth club.



Support through
pregnancy to birth,
with antenatal
sessions and birth

Wrap Around Packages

Full support from
pregnancy to birth
and postnatally

Postnatal Support

Help and support for
parents through the 
4th Trimester


Reiki is an effective,
treatment that can
help physical pains
associated with


Holly was very helpful when my babies were in NICU. She would go and do my shopping anddrop it off at my flat. She kindly let me send my Ocado orders to her home andthen dropped them off at homein the evening.
She helped me to keep nourished and away from shopsand germs - giving me peace of mind, a godsend atthis overwhelming time.

Olympia Yoga Teacher, Solo Mumma by Choice, Twins