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About Me

I’m Holly, Wife to a graphic designer, Mum of 2 very strong minded boys and a black cat, living in Bristol. I wear black 99% of the time, I love rock music and I'm a birth geek.

Prior to being a doula I have worked for over 10 years as a makeup up artist and  wig maker for theatre and the film industry.

My passion for birth work started after the birth of my second baby during the Covid pandemic, and not receiving any support or help afterwards, I was left thinking of the people who were going through this for the first time and how they must be feeling. 


So I chose to train as a doula and use my experience as a mother, Reiki healer and knowledge from my training to help and guide parents to have a positive birth experience.

I want to help parents birth without fear and to help people feel comfortable with which ever birth they choose. I believe that every birth is valid and the choice you make is the right way for you to birth your baby. 


I offer a trauma informed holistic approach and will always tailor my packages and services to suit each family individually. 

I believe the 4th trimester is the most important part of your journey and offer a range of support to you and your family to make your transition into parenthood a little easier so you can enjoy your time together in those first few weeks.

So let’s rebel! Let’s break the ‘tradition’ that birth should be a feared event, or that postpartum should journeyed alone.
Let’s have that birth that you want, where you want, how you want !


If you feel like I could be the doula for you please get in touch I offer a free consultation so we can get to know each other and discuss your needs and what you need from me as your doula.

Newborn Baby

What is a doula?


Support through
pregnancy to birth,
with antenatal
sessions and birth

Wrap Around Package

Full support from
pregnancy to birth
and postnatally

Postnatal Support

Help and support for
parents through the 
4th Trimester


Virtual doula support for the busy world


Reiki is an effective,
treatment that can
help physical pains
associated with



Holly was very helpful when mybabies were in NICU. She would go and do my shopping anddrop it off at my flat. She kindly let me send myOcado orders to her home andthen dropped them off at mine in the evening. She helped me to keep nourished and away from shopsand germs - giving me peace of mind, a godsend atthis overwhelming time.

Olympia ,  Mumma to Twins - Postnatal Client