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Bristol Based Doula & Birth Photographer


Tailored packages to support and document your journey and strength

- Supporting your birth, Your way -


A photo of holly, A doula and hypnobirthing teacher from bristol, holding a sleeping baby

I’m Holly, Wife to a graphic designer, Mum of 3 very strong minded boys & a black cat, I am a Bristol Doula and Hypnobirthing teacher. I wear black 99% of the time, I love rock music and I'm a birth geek.

My passion for birth work started after the birth of my second baby during the Covid pandemic, and not receiving any support or help afterwards, I was left thinking of the people who were going through this for the first time and how they must be feeling. 


So I chose to train as a Doula and Hypnobirthing instructor and use my experience as a mother and the knowledge from my training to help and guide parents to have a positive birth experience. You can view all my training here

I want to help parents birth without fear and to help people feel comfortable with which ever birth they choose. I believe that every birth is valid and the choice you make is the right way for you to birth your baby. 

So let’s rebel! Let’s break the ‘tradition’ that birth should be a feared event, or that postpartum should journeyed alone.
Let’s have that birth that you want, where you want, how you want !

To learn more about me and my training click here

a doula applying counterpressure to  pregnant person - Bristol Doula | Postnatal doula Bristol - The Rebel Birth Club


Antenatal, Birth & Postnatal support throughout your journey


Parents Recommend


"Holly was next level. She is clearly very knowledgeable and extremely passionate about supporting mother's to have a positive birth experience. She was full of helpful ideas for any worries I had. She made me feel so calm and well prepared. I never felt stupid for any of the questions I had" 


"Holly was instrumental in the birth of our baby! She was amazing!
Holly was kind, patient, & thoughtful when offering any information or guidance. She provided a lot of information on hypnobirthing and how to prepare for birth in both exercise and stretches/baby positioning.
She was truly wonderful and we are so appreciative"


Holly has been absolutely fantastic & such a great support to me during & after my pregnancy. She really listened to my anxieties and was there on hand anytime of day to answer my questions I had & to help plan and prepare for my birth. I can't thank her enough, her compassion and knowledge has been absolutely phenomenal & I will be forever grateful. 


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