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Birth Pool & TENS machine


  • Increased sense of control

  • Relaxing, secure, warm environment

  • Less need for pain relief as pain threshold appears increased

  • The pool acts as a barrier to allow you to feel less interrupted and private

  • The buoyancy of the water makes you feel lighter and helps you to get into more positions easier.

  • It helps with UFO (Upright Forward Open), keeping you more upright - which helps you maintain optimal positioning for your baby to be born easier.

  • Birthing your baby in water helps your baby transition from womb to world in a gentle way

I have Three birth pools to hire within Bristol, everything is included in the hire that you will need including some added extras! The hire is for 6 weeks, delivered to you at 37 weeks and I also have an inflatable birth stool for hire.


  • Birth pool

  • Pool Liner

  • 10m hose

  • Tap connectors

  • Thermometer

  • Strainer

  • Large Floor Sheet

  • Non-slip matting

  • Submersible water pump (for emptying)

  • Electric inflate/deflate pump

  • Fairy lights

  • A pack of LED tea lights

  • Baby Care Elle TENS machine (pads will need to be purchased)

a birth pool, pool kit contents, fairy lights and candles all the things included in the Birth Pool Hire by the rebel birth club Bristol - Home birth Bristol


La Bassine Birth Pool Hire Bristol - Home birth Bristol

La Bassine

Dark blue with internal handles (165cm x 134.5cm)


Birth Pool in a box Hire Bristol - Home birth Bristol

Birth Pool in a box Mini

Light blue with internal & external handles, seat & cupholder (165cm x 145cm)


Earthside Birth Pool Hire Bristol - Home birth Bristol


Marshmallow white with internal & external handles, removable seat, cup holder & affirmation on pool (166.5cm x 150cm)



​The CUB (Comfortable Upright Birth)  birth stool is a comfortable, versatile, inflatable birthing support designed to help adopt and maintain positions that are physically the most helpful for them and their babies during labor and birth.

£50 for 6 weeks hire

Birth Pool Hire Bristol - Birth Stool Hire Bristol - Birth Supplies Bristo - Home Birth Bristoll

Birth Pool Hire is available in Bristol including FREE delivery, subject to availability (only two Tens machines available)

Thanks! I’ll be in touch shortly.

fairy lights inside a birth pool set up from the Birth Pool Hire kit from the rebel birth club Bristol - Home birth Bristol


Having a homebirth? Have you considered a doula?

I offer a range of packages and support and the birth pool hire is included in my fee!

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