Birth Preparation

1:1 classes to help you prepare for birth


Week 1​

You will learn the process your body takes for a physiological and caesarean birth

How your body changes, The hormones and how to maintain those hormones to facilitate birth.

The Stages of Labour - What to expect and how to manage each stage


Week 2

Birth Positions

Birth environment

Comfort measures - unmedicated and medicated

Assisted birth and induction

Week 3

Using your B.R.A.I.N - how to make an informed choice

The role of the birth partner

How to write a birth plan


Week 4

How your body changes postnatally- how to care for yourself

Basic infant care - how to change a nappy, swaddling, safe baby wearing, bathing

Baby feeding

4 Week course - 

In person - £195

Virtual - £150