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Bristol Doula - Antenatal sessions - The Rebel Birth Club


Antenatal Sessions

These sessions are a great way to learn more about pregnancy, birth, and caring for a newborn. In these sessions we work together and explore how we can work towards your goals for birth
Each Session is tailored to the client so this list can vary, so if some of these things feel irrelevant we can use your time to best suit your needs.



Any previous experiences that you feel are important to share before you prepare for a new birth experience.

I will go through the physiological birth process and Caesarean birth process and explain what can happen and how you might feel through the various stages of labour.​​

Possible Interventions

Positions stretches or movements that can help you and your baby
get into a good position for labour

Pain management - I can provide information on what options are available
to you medically and holistically such as - breathing techniques,
Affirmations, Reiki, Aromatherapy and Acupressure​​

Help you write your birth preferences to share with your midwife and
birth partner. And help you prepare for the many scenarios birth can take,
so you know your options.​​

What you may want to pack in your birth bag.

The benefits of the Golden hour after labour. Including skin to skin, breastfeeding, I can provide some information and advice to help you aft
er your baby arrives 

Infant care

Postnatal planning

I can also come along to antenatal appointments with you if you feel you need the support


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