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Frequently Asked Questions


When should I book/attend a course?

I recommend booking a hypnobirthing course as early as you can to avoid disappointment if the spaces fill up quickly. I would suggest attending the course anytime around 20 weeks. But there really is no right or wrong. Some people prefer to do it earlier rather than later, If you're particularly anxious about birth its always better to start earlier, But It's never too late to prepare for birth. If you are 36 weeks pregnant or later, contact me and we can arrange some 1:1 sessions.

Can my partner attend the course with me?

Absolutely yes! We encourage birthers and their birth partners to attend all the sessions so you are both prepared and know what they need to do to make you a dream team! Don't worry if they are sceptical, They are usually won round when the hear about the science of it all. The rebel birth club course is also very laid back and interactive so you'll have fun as well as learning some important skills!

Is Hypnobirthing just for physiological birth?

Not at all. In the Rebel Birth Club course we discuss all types of birth including assisted and caesarean birth, and how to use hypnobirthing for all outcomes. We do not judge or hold bias, we believe every birth is valid.

I already have a child/children is the course still beneficial to me?

It sure is! Even if you've had a positive birthing experience before, and you just want to tweak a few things or you've done a previous hypnobirthing course before and want to refresh yourself. Maybe you've had a previous traumatic experience and want to make this one more positive. Hypnobirthing can be just as empowering for those who have had multiple children as those that are having their first.

What if none of the courses fit my schedule?

I can totally understand that some of the course dates wont work for everyone, thats why I offer 1:1 sessions for people that cant always attend the online or in person group courses. This can be done to fit you schedule, so maybe thats four evenings in a week, 2 full days on a weekend, we can work out a schedule that works.


When should I hire a doula?

It it totally up to you! I've had some clients book at 8 weeks and others book at 36 weeks! Obviously the earlier the better but our antenatal sessions can be fit in around you and your due date. We usually start the antenatal sessions a bit later on in pregnancy incase anything has come up closer to your birthing day, around the 30 week mark.

What is a doula?

A doula is a person that provides practical, emotional, and informative support to the birthing person and the family. They can be there during the prenatal period, during birth and postnatally.

A doula advocates for the birthing person and can communicate the wishes of the parents to the medical care providers. A doula believes that everyone deserves the right to a dignified birth, and that everyone has the information and support they need to facilitate the birth they want. You can read more about what a doula can do here

Can I have a doula if i'm having a caesarean?

Of course! I do not judge or hold bias, I believe every birth is valid. In the antenatals we discuss all types of birth including assisted and caesarean birth, and how to make that birth positive for all outcomes

I really want a doula but I cant afford it?

I know the cost of a doula can seem a lot to pay upfront. And I believe a doula should be available to everyone thats why The rebel birth club can create personalised payment plans for you. Hopefully this can make it more affordable for you and your family. Good birth education and support really is the best thing you can do for your pregnancy.

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