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5 ways to boss your birth environment

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Your birth environment plays a really huge role in your birthing experience. As humans we are designed extremely well and wouldn't have survived this long if the environment we gave birth in didn't matter, I mean can you imagine giving birth in the wild with saber-tooth tigers around?! So creating a space that you feel safe and calm in is super important.

Here's my 5 TOP TIPS for bossing your birth environment.

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1) Essential oils or room spray. Use something you love during pregnancy while relaxing so during labour it remains a constant. BUT my advice is to have it on a tissue so it's easily removed if you don't like it. Labour can do funny things and that smell you once loved could make you want to puke!

2) Fairly lights or battery operated candles. Keep your birth space dimly lit to help the melatonin and oxytocin flowing. And it looks pretty! If you're planning a home birth I'd still go for battery operated lights over candles, if you need gas & air, that and an open flame not such a good idea!

3) A soft blanket or a pillow. Something nice and familiar to touch or wrap around you. Home comforts are a quick and easy thing to bring with you that are from your safe space.

4) A birth playlist & podcasts. If labour is long or your still in the early stages, a wet your pants funny podcast is what you need to get those belly laughs in and that oxytocin pumping! And a birth playlist to keep you chill. Put a mix of calming music and those true favs that get you singing and dancing.

5) Last but not least... Water and your fav snacks. Keep hydrated, use a bottle with a straw so it's easy to drink. And keep eating little but often to keep your energy up, again those die hard faves that make you mmmmmmmmm.

Just think about your 5 senses if you've got something that makes all those senses buzz then you're going to boss it.

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