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Birth is such a precious and intimate time so if your going to choose someone to join you in your journey you want to know them right?! make sure they're the right person for you?

So here's some more about me!

As you may have already read my names Holly, I live in Bristol with my graphic designer Husband, My three boys, Abel (6), Ira (3), and Asa (11 months), All born via very different caesareans. We have a black cat called Binx, because I have loved Hocus Pocus since I was a kid, and a crazy dog called pip.

I grew up in Gloucestershire and spent many of my teenage years in Bristol.

I studied Media make-up at university, which led me into a career for many years as a makeup artist, where I worked in London fashion week, magazine editorials and ending up in the west end theatre shows. I developed a love for wigs and from there got a  job at a wig makers which is how we ended up back in Bristol.

I still have an inner goth from my teenage years, and wear black 99% of the time, I love Harry potter and most of the Marvel movies.

After the birth of Ira, I trained to become a doula in January 2021 with The Original Birth Connection and haven't looked back since. I'm a bit of a geek and I LOVE to learn so I am always continuing my learning with additional courses and research, In 2022 I completed my training to be a Hypnobirthing teacher with the Birth Uprising to offer more to my clients and help more parents achieve a positive birth experience. 

Since having my third child, having a doula this time round myself and knowing what I know now, my ethos and way I approach clients has changed. Yes, the goal is to help parents achieve a positive birth, BUT more importantly it's to make sure they are fully informed, educated and prepared for however that birth unfolds, I want clients to aim for their dream birth but to also have a dream for each birth outcome. 

I also want to offer more emphasis on interventions and caesarean's in my courses and sessions as these are so often overlooked. My three caesareans have all been vey different and to know what people can achieve with the right knowledge can make them wonderful!

I hope this gives you a bit more insight into me and my ethos! Below are all the trainings and CPD courses I have attended .



Full Spectrum Doula Training - The Original Birth Connection

Hypnobirthing Instructor Training - The Birth Uprising

LGBTQ+ Competency for Birth and Beyond Masterclass - The Queer Birth Club

Advocacy and Cultural Safety Masterclass - Illy Morrison - Mixing up Motherhood

Caesarean Birth Masterclass - Carolyn Holt - The Caesarean Birth Specialist

Perinatal Trauma Masterclass - Hayley Coburn

Tongue Tie Awareness Masterclass - Carmelle Gentle - Gentle Births & Beyond

Safe Aromatherapy & Acupressure for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond - Bliss Russell

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