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Bristol Doula - Postnatal sessions - The Rebel Birth Club


Postnatal Sessions

During postnatal sessions I will come to your house and we will have a birth debrief, and work together and find out what you need from me based on your individual needs.




Helping to build your confidence looking after your baby​

Some household chores like cooking* for you and your family and light cleaning such as doing the washing up

I can make batch meals to stock your freezer*

Grocery shopping**

Light childcare for older siblings or holding the newborn so you can have some quality time with your other child/children

I can offer support with breast/chest and bottle feeding


 Signposting what services and support is available in your area

I can also just be a non judgemental listening ear over a cuppa, you can share any struggles you're having as a new parent or talk about any feelings you have around your birth or new parenthood.

I can look after the baby while you have some time for yourself, to have a nap or a shower.

I can accompany you on your first trip outside with baby if your feeling overwhelmed, or just prefer the company.

I can come along to postnatal appointments with you if you feel you need the support

* Food would need to be provided for your meal preparation

** You would need to provide funds for all food shopping purchased, receipts would be provided


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