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1:1 Hypnobirthing

If you're feeling anxious about birth then my antenatal hypnobirthing course is designed for you! I've been in your shoes, several times! I know you want to feel more confident and prepared so I have created this course to be a fully comprehensive birth education program, meaning unless you really want to, you don't need to take any other courses!

I offer this as a 1:1 private course that will be held in your home, This allows me to customise the course to fit your unique pregnancy journey

The course offers 10 hours of birth education in a fun and interactive way

This course is also held online you can book here


  • Birth Mindset and why its important

  • How to banish your fears around birth

  • The fear/pain/tension cycle and how to break it!

  • Birth hormones and their role

  • The physiology of birth and the Uterus

  • How to create the best birth environment

  • Optimal positions for birth & pregnancy

  • The role of the birth partner

  • Relaxation tools & techniques

  • Comfort measures for labour

  • Decision making & informed choice

  • How to write a birth plan

  • How to prepare for a positive birth including induction or caesarean

  • Your Birth rights

  • Postnatal expectations and planning

  • And more!

Bristol Hypnobirthing - Holly - The Rebel Birth Club


  • ​A Rebel Birth Club Goodie bag

  • Hypnobirthing MP3's

  • Access to The Birth Uprising Digital pack, including Extra online courses including breastfeeding & baby massage

  • Access to birth resources, birth bag checklist & info packs 

  • Optional 1:1 call with me as you approach your labour day

  • AND exclusive discounts with some great companies, including Naydaya skincare, baby care TENS machines, Babygo & birth pool in a box, and discounts off my doula services

"I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to you for all your time and knowledge, we are both so pleased we did the Hypnobirthing course with you.


We have both come away feeling a lot more empowered, I have come away feeling so much more confident in what my body can do, the female body is truly amazing"

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