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10 Cool things about Hypnobirthing

So you've heard of Hypnobirthing, GREAT! But with it comes some misconceptions. A lot of people think its Woowoo and a bit hippie, but in this blog i'm going to show you some facts about Hypnobirthing that maybe you didn't know!

10 cool things about Hypnobirthing

  1. Its rooted in science! - It uses NLP techniques to work with our autonomic nervous system and reprogram our subconscious

  2. You dont get Hypnotised - theres no swinging clocks or vagina whispering. All hypnosis is self hypnosis, its a deep relaxation

  3. It teaches you how to change your thoughts and rewrites the way you think about birth

  4. It's not just for labour! It can be used during pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

  5. Hypnobirthing isn't just breathing techniques - Its a whole tool kit to keep you calm, positive and relaxed.

  6. Studies have shown that Hypnobirthing reduces the chances of caesarean and instrumental births

  7. It also helps to build a strong bond between the mother and her baby.

  8. Hypnobirthing techniques can be used for all types of birth

  9. Hypnobirthing can help to reduce the length of labor and the intensity of contractions.

  10. Hypnobirthing is a complete birth preparation course that teaches you about birth and your rights.

Cool right?! If you like the sound of hypnobirthing and fancy joining a class check out my upcoming courses


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