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Welcome to The Rebel Birth Club blog! Let me introduce myself!

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

I'm Holly, Hypnobirthing instructor, Doula & birth Geek. I'm a Wife to a graphic designer, Mum of 2 (soon to be 3!) very strong minded boys, a black cat and a mad dog, living in Bristol. I wear black 99% of the time & I love rock music

My passion for birth work started after the birth of my second baby during the Covid pandemic, and not receiving any support or help afterwards, I was left thinking of the people who were going through this for the first time and how they must be feeling.

So I chose to train as a Doula and Hypnobirthing instructor and use my experience as a mother, Reiki healer and the knowledge from my training to help and guide parents to have a positive birth experience.

I want to help parents birth without fear and to help people feel comfortable with which ever birth they choose. I believe that every birth is valid and the choice you make is the right way for you to birth your baby.

Here are some kind words from a previous client

"Holly was next level. She was there from the moment I needed her first through text support then in person right up until after baby was born. She was a constant calm presence. She is such a genuine person and has a lot of instinctive qualities around pregnancy, birth and new mothers. She is clearly very knowledgeable and extremely passionate about supporting mother's to have a positive birth experience."

Holly - The Rebel Birth Club - Hypnobirthing & Bristol Doula

10 things about me!

  1. I was born in Gloucestershire

  2. I worry about everything way too much

  3. I like to crochet... in fact I just like to make things!

  4. I love Ramen

  5. I like tidying but my house is always a mess

  6. My dream is to quit my job as a wig maker and help birthing people full time

  7. I'm a cat person

  8. Being a boy mum can be challenging but I love it

  9. My weakness is cheese and biscuits!

  10. I go to bed way to early :)

So that's me! Hopefully you know me a bit better and want to stick around!

If you want to you can find out more about me and the rebel birth club on the website, instagram or facebook.


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