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The Rebel Birth was created for YOU (and here’s why)

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

I am tired of hearing and seeing so many parents traumatised by their birthing experience or feeling they had no control over how it panned out. So many people are struggling to achieve a positive birth experience in the current maternity system, and are left feeling unprepared, scared and clueless about their rights and options in pregnancy and birth. There as always been an underlying social assumption that birth education or additional support is expensive and an unnecessary luxury, or maybe they have looked into it and not found someone who represents their style (I know this was the case for me!) So after having two less than ideal birthing experiences myself, and not feeling like there was an antenatal education that fit me, I decided to start The Rebel Birth Club.

The Rebel Birth Club was designed for parents that want to achieve a positive birth, in their own way, with non judgemental support that fits their needs and styles!

From Antenatal classes, Hypnobirthing and Birth and postnatal doula services, as well as free information and tips on instagram, facebook and monthly newsletters, I hope that The Rebel Birth Club can offer something to everyone with an affordable range of prices. Being informed about your birth should be something thats available to everyone.

I hope that from my services I can help pregnant people online and in person to those living in and around Bristol to not feel scared or anxious about birth. I believe that by starting our birthing experiences right we can set ourselves up for a more positive parenthood.

If this sounds like you then why not follow me, check out my website and maybe book a free call or attend one of my free hypnobirthing introductions and see how I can help!


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